5 Simple Interior Design Ideas

15 March, 2022
5 Simple Interior Design Ideas

Making your home look stylish is easier than one might think. Here are 5 simple interior design ideas to try out in your house. You don’t need a major update or overhaul to achieve this. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Let’s take a look.


1. Decorate with Odd Numbers in Mind


When you’re adding decorative accessories to your space, think in terms of odd numbers. You’ll see that collections of three work particularly well, whether it's in an array of decorative accessories, or wall art. This will also help to bring in more elements to the room and give the eye more to see. Having a set of collectables is a sure-fire way to make any room look stylish.


2. Consider the Centre Point of the Room


Simply changing the layout of your existing room can elevate the look. Place your key furniture items in the bedroom as the focal point, and in your living room, try to have your couch facing the central point of the room. This way, you’re drawing the eye in and can focus on making a particular feature a standout part of the room. Reflective items like mirrors are also a great way of bouncing light in the room making it feel bigger, which can help showcase your feature item.


3. Introduce a Dresser


Having a dresser in your bedroom instantly updates the look. It is not only a decorative item but also a highly practical piece of furniture as well. Store your foldable clothes inside, and decorate the top with frames, vases, mirrors or artworks. By placing it alongside a wall near your wardrobe, you’ll be adding more dressing space and creating a luxe feel in your room. You can just as easily add a console table in your entryway for a similar stylish update.


4. Mix and Match Chairs


While we normally have sets of chairs around the house, one of the biggest trends (that won’t be going anywhere) is the mixing and matching dining chairs. Whether you opt for similar designs or the same design in different colours, this adds an element of interest to the room. You can also apply this to scatter cushions and bar stools.


5. Style the Room with Different Textures


One of the best ways to liven up a room is through textures. It’s also a simple way to update a room to match a particular style and stay on-trend, You can decorate the room with textured baskets, hang linen curtains, or have a woolly throw over the couch. You can introduce some natural textures like wood and leather, or look for other variations to add interest to a room, like different shades of your favourite hue.


There you have it - 5 simple ways to make your house look stylish. Interior design is all about having fun and making the house your home. With the touches above, elevate your space and make it one that you’re excited to come home to.


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