Chattels & More: Bouclé Furniture for Your Home

21 September, 2022
Chattels & More: Bouclé Furniture for Your Home

Ideal for adding softness to any space, Bouclé furnishings have become one of the essentials of modern-day décor. And now with this new collection, it’s time to put those Pinterest board ideas to action.

Chattels & More, UAE’s trendiest interior décor and furnishings brand, has unveiled its curated collection of Bouclé sofas that are bound to lend a retro cosiness to any space.

The Bouclé trend is experiencing a revival in the world of interiors. This fashion designer’s favourite often takes precedence over silk and sheen fabrics due to its comfort; the Bouclé material is also both adaptable and durable. Given the versatility and uniqueness of the fabrics and colours, Bouclé can seamlessly blend in with almost any décor style.

Discover these top cosy picks for various interior styles, now at Chattels & More:


Parisian Look


Parisians perfectly blend classic with contemporary like vintage found objects and contemporary furniture. And this interior style works on less is more campaign. A white Bouclé sofa sits right for the Parisian look that perfectly blends classic with contemporary and gives a cosy vibe to your corners.




Minimalism is trendy but the Scandinavian feel can never go out of style. It is one of the chicest interior designs that blends textures and soft hues; makes sleek and modern décor feel warm and inviting. Scandinavian styles work best with minimalist colour palettes and muted tones. For that reason, the bouclé sofa is the right option.





Industrial interior designs are rawer, more exposed in their nature and provide a factory look with unfinished vibes. Exposed brick walls provide a more rustic and factory feel, a core fundamental of this interior style. Make it chicer with a bouclé sofa that fits into the industrial aesthetics.





The contemporary interior style is classic, serene, and calming. It focuses on simplicity and clean lines. It plays on texture. This bouclé sofa screams simplicity and serenity. Adding it to your living room will be the right decision.





Mid Century focuses on a fusion of organic and man-made materials. It is more of a retro and minimalist blend of indoors and outdoors.



Art Deco


Art Deco is the most glamorous style of interiors. Its unique symmetrical designs spell luxury. This interior style is recognised by bold geometries, rich colours, and detailed artwork. Bring subtlety to your Art Deco space with a bouclé bolster.



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