Find the Perfect Present: A Gift Guide by Chattels&More

20 December, 2022
Find the Perfect Present: A Gift Guide by Chattels&More

Are you shopping for an interior decor enthusiast? There are all kinds of home accessories you can bestow on your nearest and dearest. Here’s the ultimate guide to finding the perfect present for someone with an eye for design.

When shopping for the perfect present, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices. With so many decor accessories, where do you begin the search? The first step is to define the type of gift you’d like to give, be it classic, practical, sentimental, trendy, or iconic.

A classic gift choice is sure to please. When it comes to presents, something to display on the kitchen island or a dinnerware set for special occasions is an excellent choice. A beautifully designed set of tea cups is a great example of this and a wonderful way to share a gift with purpose and style.

You can’t go wrong with a practical gift. These gifts often become everyday essential items in the home, like a vase for flowers or a knick-knack to hold your keys. This year, as we celebrate the shining light of a new year ahead, a tea light holder could prove to be a perfect choice. It can be gifted ready to go with candles.

An item with a special meaning between the giver and receiver is one of the best ways to find the perfect gift. The personal meaning attached to gifts serves as a sentimental token. Look for items with character and the ability to create greater engagement and bonds, like a chessboard.

Trendy items are a great choice for gifts with fun and flair. When shopping for these, looks for items that have the dual purpose of practicality and versatility. For example, an hourglass with a funky design can be displayed in various settings like the office or living room, with practical usability as well. On-trend items will modernise spaces, though they are likely to be short-lived presents until the next trend of the season is ushered in.

Gift-giving can also be the time to share signature pieces that become iconic in the home. Interior design enthusiasts often enjoy curating their space with statement items like decorative figurines that spark conversation and curiosity. Decor items featuring animals are a popular choice, so look out for one that shares similar characteristics with the one you’re gifting it to.

That wraps up our ultimate gift guide to finding the perfect present. Once you have decided on the type of present you’d like to share with the decor lover in your life, you’ll need a shopping destination to fulfil the wish list.

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