Key Design Rules for Bedroom

05 April, 2022
Key Design Rules for Bedroom

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the bedroom is the sanctuary. When it comes to designing a comfortable space where you can rest and relax, there are key design rules to keep in mind.

Decorate your nightstand with a triangle shape

Triangles are sturdy shapes and can elevate an otherwise simple nightstand. For this, create height with a lamp or a vase. Complete the base of your triangle with your favourite go-to items for bedtime. Books, ornaments and candles are perfect for decorating side tables. These items create a focal point at your bedside and set the mood, giving you more than just a spot to place your cup.

Feng shui for the bedroom

Feng shui is a design philosophy based on arranging pieces of furniture in a way that creates balance with nature. Since the bed is your centrepiece, it's best to place it in a commanding position within the room. Feng shui says you should have a sturdy headboard and should be able to see the bedroom door from that spot. Finally, introduce balance with two nightstands, avoid the harshness of sharp corners in the decor, and avoid placing a chandelier directly above the bed. This allows for optimal flow within the room, perfect for creating a relaxing setting.

Tie the room together with colour

Another key design rule to consider when decorating your bedroom is colour. Work with subtle shades that complement each other. It’s best to choose a natural base shade or opt for hues that are known to be relaxing, like blue. Select bedroom furniture in classic colours and update with pops of colour. For the bedroom to look coordinated, be sure to include accents of colour throughout, from the bedding to curtains.

Dressing the windows

Whether you opt for blinds or curtains, be sure to get the right length for your specific windows. The goal is to introduce light in the day and block it out by night. Shutters are a classic style that looks great in light or dark shades. If you go with curtains, ensure that they are full-length and place them as close to the ceiling as possible to create height and depth in the room for a luxurious and comfortable look and feel.

Moods with different lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the overall feel of a room. To make the space tick all the romance boxes, you can opt for soft lighting, be it in your feature light, or lamps and candles.

That wraps up the key design rules to follow when decorating your bedroom. With these in mind, you can create a harmonious space that is both inviting and comforting. These design rules can work with all kinds of decor styles, from laid-back bohemian to mid-century modern.

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