Very Peri at Chattels & More

15 June, 2022
Very Peri at Chattels & More

Chattels & More is a contemporary home decor haven and in that spirit we’re making way for Very Peri, PANTONE’s colour of the year for 2022. Whether you’d like to showcase the colour with statement accessories or complement your home with seasonal colours, Chattels & More has the solution.

Very Peri is a calming periwinkle blue. It represents transformation and a cultural shift towards a new era where the digital realm merges with physical reality. As these changes occur, so too does the look and feel of one’s environment.

Very Peri has a violet red undertone, with the pulsating energy of red. It has the calm and consistency evoked by blue tones in an empowering mix of warmth and happiness. It is bold and dynamic, sparking a perspective of carefree confidence and daring curiosity about a future filled with possibilities.

This colour in many ways reflects the spirit that Chattels & More exudes by creating an artful balance between aesthetics and functionality. Colour plays an important role in the look and feel of a home. By adding this trendy Very Peri colour, you can evoke the empowering warmth that it represents.

There are many ways to introduce this stylish shade to your home such as through accessories, with Very Peri scatter cushions being the perfect complement to a classic white sofa. Choose neutral colours like beige, greys, whites, and tans to create a solid yet optimistic colour palette. This is perfect for the lounge, alongside a glass coffee table with metallic features at the centre of the room.

Warm tones enhance Very Peri. To achieve this look, decorate the space with golden hues like a bronze figurine to bring character into a room, a reflective gold trimmed hologram mirror, or a beige coloured carpet. These decor items are statement pieces that will accentuate Very Peri and remain in style long after it ceases to be colour of the year.

Another way to introduce this colour into the home is on the walls, either by painting a feature wall or hanging framed artworks featuring purple hues. Playful pops of colour like fuchsia and bubblegum pink are also great combinations for Very Peri. Opt for a rosey bench as a standout feature of any room.

Home decor shopping is all about discovering quality items you love through a visual and sensory experience. And at Chattels & More, we make innovative self expression possible with creative decor solutions for homes that have the prestige of being original.

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