Dining Tables That Are Perfect For Hosting Family Iftars This Ramadan

January 11, 2024
Dining Tables That Are Perfect For Hosting Family Iftars This Ramadan

The dining room is a focal point during the holy month of Ramadan. As families gather for Iftar each night, the dining table is a central space. Let’s take a look at the diverse collection in this range by Chattels&More.

For a timeless dining space, opt for a marble dining table. A rectangular shape can seat several people in a quintessential arrangement. Definitive patterns can highlight the unique marbling on the slab of marble. This will make the perfect base for your Iftar spread.

One of the most classic materials for your dining room furniture is wood. Wooden tabletops that showcase unique tree etchings create a standout feature. You can have a thick slab or a thin walnut veneer as the tabletop, with metal legs in a matching undertone, such as brass. This design is innately connected with nature.

A concrete-look table works particularly well in urban, contemporary spaces and is a stylish addition to the dining room. A solid design in a dark shade will draw the eye to the table, with an endless variety of decor options. In these tables, geometry meets durability. Look for tables with a central stand to balance the design and allow more comfort for those seated at the table. This is a table that will serve you for many Iftars.

Glass top tables are popular choices as they feature a light and airy aesthetic while being great reflectors. Glass works well with various materials, making it a versatile item to include in your dining room. Rounded tops with artistic bold bases create a statement piece in the dining room to celebrate memorable Iftar meals.

For families looking for a stylish addition to the dining room, a small round table with a white or walnut finish set upon a solid gold base is a trendy choice. It is easy to clean and care for, and the round design is cosy for gatherings this Ramadan, be it for suhoor, Iftar, or both.

If you’d like to create a chic dining room, a ceramic tabletop is an excellent choice. The minimal look with a sleek top layer draws the eye to its marbled design. Slim and open designs work well for the stand to create an inviting space. This design can also work with a variety of dining chairs so you can easily make room for all of your guests.

Shop these dining tables at Chattels&More. There are several colours, materials, and shapes to suit your style and family’s needs. Once you have a table to anchor the room, you can complete the look with dining chairs and console tables.

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