The word ‘Chattels’ refers to movable articles of personal property, like furniture and accessories. History shows us that people have always been inspired and motivated by beautiful belongings and will sometimes go to any lengths to possess them! So we at Chattels & More are collaborating with designers, manufacturers and artisans from around the world to deliver… More. We not only propose exceptional pieces with a story to tell, but also provide a wide range of captivating designs matching your imagination without compromising on quality. Focusing on a large selection of materials, and combining inspirations and styles, our design specialists carefully guide you through the myriad of options to help discover YOUR style. Our pieces are sourced from across Europe, with careful focus on hand-made products, unique artistic designs and elegance. Uniqueness and style is what we promise to deliver to your home with our brand Chattels & More… ‘Alternate style with a home grown touch’

  • Core Values

    • Trust
    • Transparency
    • Honesty
    • Commitment
    • Ethics