Wall Clock Like Umbrella - Black

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Dimensions L 100 cm | D 6 cm | H 100 cm
Colour Black
A design from everyday life - The design of an everyday object has been transformed here by creative spirits into a highly unconventional clock. There's no doubt that this original timepiece owes its appearance to the umbrella. This is why the Like Umbrella Black clock features 12 spokes radiating out towards the numerals. But with its exclusive look this wall decoration has come a long way from the humble umbrella. The original design concept has been given an aristocratic touch by its filigree black simplicity. Thanks to the spokes this clock does not make the overpowering impression of other clocks of this size. It looks especially effective on a large white wall. Assembly and attachment are child’s play . The clock can be assembled quickly and easily.
without batteries others, plastic polystyrene, metal painted aluminum

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