1. Lay Out the Ultimate Dining Experience this Ramadan

    Breaking the fast during Ramadan is a much-awaited time that we’re privy to each day of this holy month. Iftar dining sees family and friends gather around the table to partake delicious dishes. Laying out the ultimate experience this Ramadan begins with these decor and furniture elements in your dining space.


    The dining table is your focus


    The dining table is the central part of your dining space. Incorporating tables made of natural materials brings timeless versatility to dining areas. A prime example of this is marble, which can be used to create remarkable tables that exude an elegant feel. Another natural material is wood, such as a solid wooden surface on metallic legs for a refined look. There are many other material options for tabletops too, from the delicacy of glass to the sturdiness of concrete.

    To add another element of interest to your dining s

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  2. Key Design Rules for Bedroom

    The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the bedroom is the sanctuary. When it comes to designing a comfortable space where you can rest and relax, there are key design rules to keep in mind.

    Decorate your nightstand with a triangle shape

    Triangles are sturdy shapes and can elevate an otherwise simple nightstand. For this, create height with a lamp or a vase. Complete the base of your triangle with your favourite go-to items for bedtime. Books, ornaments and candles are perfect for decorating side tables. These items create a focal point at your bedside and set the mood, giving you more than just a spot to place your cup.

    Feng shui for the bedroom

    Feng shui is a design philosophy based on arranging pieces of furniture in a way that creates balance with nature. Since the bed is your centrepiece, it's best

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  3. 5 Simple Interior Design Ideas

    Making your home look stylish is easier than one might think. Here are 5 simple interior design ideas to try out in your house. You don’t need a major update or overhaul to achieve this. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Let’s take a look.


    1. Decorate with Odd Numbers in Mind


    When you’re adding decorative accessories to your space, think in terms of odd numbers. You’ll see that collections of three work particularly well, whether it's in an array of decorative accessories, or wall art. This will also help to bring in more elements to the room and give the eye more to see. Having a set of collectables is a sure-fire way to make any room look stylish.


    2. Consider the Centre Point of the Room


    Simply changing the layout of your existing room can elevate the look. Place your key furniture items in the bedroom as the

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  4. How to Select a Sofa?

    Picking the right sofa that fits your home ambiance needs careful consideration. But, how does one decide what type of sofa to shop for?


    A living room is simply incomplete without a sofa. It is an essential element of the decor that elevates the ambiance and creates an inviting space. In this era of endless choices, there seem to be infinite options when it comes to choosing a sofa. You might think you know exactly what you want, but once you walk into a store or browse online, the styles, shapes, and customization alternatives can be overwhelming. Use these tips to get a clear idea of what you want.


    1. Size: Size is a major consideration when buying a sofa. Sofas in various sizes ranging from 2 to up to 8 seaters can be chosen depending on your room layout, space, and furniture. Smaller cozy sofas are ideal for compact layouts, whereas larger corner sofas can very well fit into spacious living areas.


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  5. Discover "More is More"

    As the new year commences, the latest trend and talk of the town in the interior industry is ‘maximalism’. Keeping in line with global trends, it is time to think outside the box and leave behind the days of ‘less is more’ and embrace the ‘more is more’ approach in 2022.

    There has been a recent resurgence of maximalism with a traditional mindset, and millennial vibe which brings back the bright, bold, and glamorous decors and furnishings in the market. We have curated our latest line of vibrant and eclectic furnishings and accessories, keeping in mind the maximalism approach, to suit the aesthetics of popular themes like Boho, Art Deco, English Country and more. This gives every individual the opportunity to find something that pertains to their own unique style. Now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and create a constantly evolving space that includes all the things that you love and that ex

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  6. The Latest Selection From Fancy

    Summer has arrived, and with it, the latest collection from Chattels & More. Titled “Fancy Accessories”, this latest collection features elegant furniture and stylish accessories in exciting textures and materials. With an array of eccentric designs to decorate the home with unique statements, shoppers can explore the new range in stores across the UAE.


    As a homegrown brand that supplies unique, artistic and practical furniture, Chattels & More has captured the eye of its customers through its large variety of classy and quirky creations. Catering to a broad-spectrum of styles and tastes, the brand enables consumers to explore their imagination and express their individuality with this new collection of “Fancy Accessories”.


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  7. Embrace Elegance at Home

    Discover a delightful array of accessories to add layers of elegance to the home. Luxury is in season within interior design trends this summer and Chattels & More’s home furnishings are a staple of elegance. Our latest collections are full of opulent offerings that are both sophisticated and stylish to enhance the modern home.

    When it comes to 2020 trends, much of the focus has been on creating a home office, incorporating mixed metals and layering contrasting décor. We have taken these dynamics and added a middle eastern twist through their elegant accessories. Designed to stand out, our stores are the perfect location to find home interiors to enhance the home environment.



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  8. Tropical Touches

    We introduce our new spring home accessories collection – Tropical Touches. With splashes of gold and tropical accents, the new décor collection will spruce up any space this spring.


    From one-of-a-kind golden ornaments to large tropical wall art, this collection has been beautifully curated to combine the exciting elements of the tropics with the luxury of the middle east, to give your home the originality that you have been searching for - leave the desert behind as you enter into a distinctive ambiance of the tropics that glistens with gold.

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  9. Bold and Blue

    Be Bold and Be Blue with these Spectacular Home Decorations

    Chattels & More have officially declared that Blue is the colour of the year!


    ‘Classic Blue’ is the choice of the season and Chattels & More have come up with a beautiful collection to fill your your homes, offices and living spaces. Let your everyday lives be filled with the distinctive ambience that can only be formed with a classic blue colour scheme.


    We stock a plethora of classy and elegant pieces to give your home an extra depth of excellence this year. From exclusive furniture and accessories pieces, this collection has

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