1. Chattels & More: Bouclé Furniture for Your Home

    Ideal for adding softness to any space, Bouclé furnishings have become one of the essentials of modern-day décor. And now with this new collection, it’s time to put those Pinterest board ideas to action.

    Chattels & More, UAE’s trendiest interior décor and furnishings brand, has unveiled its curated collection of Bouclé sofas that are bound to lend a retro cosiness to any space.

    The Bouclé trend is experiencing a revival in the world of interiors. This fashion designer’s favourite often takes precedence over silk and sheen fabrics due to its comfort; the Bouclé material is also both adaptable and durable. Given the versatility and uniqueness of the fabrics and colours, Bouclé can seamlessly blend in with almost any décor style.

    Discover these top cosy picks for various interior styles, now at Chattels & More:

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  2. Discover Your Bedroom Style with Top Picks from C&M

    Create a stylish sanctuary in your bedroom with Chattels & More. The furniture you select will naturally influence the overall aesthetics of the space. Sleeptember marks the perfect time to decorate your bedroom. Here’s a look at the top picks from Chattels & More.




    The bed is the centrepiece of a bedroom and sets the tone for the rest of the room. There are sleek and minimal headboards with a connected frame, as well as ones with glossy or upholstered material - and even a combination of both.

    If your style leans more towards the traditional, then opt for the ever fashionable mid century upholstered bed, featuring wooden elements and metallic feet. Another option is the classic tufted bed, defined by its regal look and feel.

    For a bold and daring choice, we recommend the

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  3. Hind Beljafla’s 24-Hour Interior Makeover

    Chattels & More 24-Hour Makeover Series
    Just in time for Eid celebrations Chattels & More worked on giving Hind Beljafla’s home a very special makeover. Her majlis and dining area are now the epitome of chic and classical design.
    • Products Featured i
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  4. Fozaza’s Living Room Makeover

    Chattels & More 24-Hour Makeover Series
    We wanted to design a space that is personal yet modern for Alanoud (Fozaza). For someone who likes staying at home, we wanted to make sure the renovation of her living and dining area would be a place where she feels comfortable. By using earthy tones and natural textures we managed to create a space that exudes her personal style.
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    • Mona Kattan's Home Office

      Chattels & More 24-Hour Makeover Series
      Creating a space that is as unique as you are is our specialty at C&M. For this 24-Hour makeover we worked on designing a functional, elegant and chic space for the talented Mona Kattan. A dynamic office and podcast space to help with the innovative work of Mona’s creative team. We added colours and textures that stay in tune with her own vibrant personality.
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      • Décor Tips to Refresh Your Home this Summer

        With the summer season in full swing, this is the perfect time to refresh your home decor. By incorporating simple tips, you can breathe new life into your interior look and welcome guests to an updated home. You’ll be amazed at how much colours, accessories, and art can transform your space. Read on to find out how.

        Creating an interior that is inviting with a breezy atmosphere will keep you cool and content in the summer heat. The summer decor collection by Chattels&More is filled with items that will create a comfortable space that will stylishly carry you from this season to the next.


        Introduce Colours


        Summertime is associated with bold and bright colours. Bringing pops of colour into your home can uplift the mood. There are various ways to do this, from painting the walls t

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      • Feng Shui your Living Room with Feng Shui and Mindset Coach Grace

        Grace helps clients to balance their home and mind energy to consciously lead a life that resonates with them mindfully, through the principles of Feng Shui and NLP.


        How did you find your calling for Feng Shui and how has it changed your life?


        I studied Interior Design as a hobby and also helped friends to put together a cosy home. I am most excited during the ‘get to know your customer’ interview part. It is fascinating to incorporate their values, tastes, desires into their homes.

        As a former Human Resources and Change Manager, I felt my interior design work was limited with decoration. I wanted more than that. I always had the desire to provide empowerment tools to ensure that change lasts. I want my customers to use their homes as a powerful tool to reach their goals, fulfil desires and move forward in life. This is my interpretation of Feng shui. Feng shui is a powerful way to positively imp

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      • How to Make your Home Look Spacious with Mirror

        Creating the illusion of space in the home can be as simple as decorating with a mirror. The key is selecting the right mirror and styling it well. It will make your home look spacious and create a contemporary look and feel. This is because mirrors distribute light throughout a room, creating a bright and airy feel. It also creates a sense of allure,

        While you’ll always find a mirror in the bathroom, they are a natural addition to any room in the house, from the hallway to the bedroom and even the kitchen. Many designers use mirrors to brighten up dim rooms and conceal imperfections in the wall. Opt for one that complements the style of the room, be it minimalist or maximalist. Mirrors are essentially an example of wall art. You can opt for quirky designs with asymmetrical shapes.

        Introducing glamour and grandeur with a mirror is not only about the reflective quality. M

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      • Discover Summer Decor Trends with Chattels & More

        This summer, interior decor trends are centered on all things natural. By incorporating elements from nature in the home, the feeling of an endless summer season set to warm the soul ensues. Read on to learn about the creative and sustainable ways you can make the best of what nature has provided us with.

        Wooden furniture for a classic look

        Wood is a furniture favourite, with carpentry skills dating back thousands of years. This sturdy material is an excellent choice for creating frames and traditional items that will last for generations to come. There are many variations of wooden materials that can be used, with different grains and shades to suit your personal style. Invest in a wooden statement piece that suits your style, like this bedsuite or

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      • Very Peri at Chattels & More

        Chattels & More is a contemporary home decor haven and in that spirit we’re making way for Very Peri, PANTONE’s colour of the year for 2022. Whether you’d like to showcase the colour with statement accessories or complement your home with seasonal colours, Chattels & More has the solution.

        Very Peri is a calming periwinkle blue. It represents transformation and a cultural shift towards a new era where the digital realm merges with physical reality. As these changes occur, so too does the look and feel of one’s environment.

        Very Peri has a violet red undertone, with the pulsating energy of red. It has the calm and consistency evoked by blue tones in an empowering mix of warmth and happiness. It is bold and dynamic, sparking a perspective of carefree confidence and daring curiosity about a future filled with possibilities.

        This colour in many ways reflects the spirit that Chattels & More exudes by creating an artful balance between aesthetics and fun

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