A Texture-led Transformation with Chattels & More new Spring Summer Collection

April 05, 2024
A Texture-led Transformation with Chattels & More new Spring Summer Collection

As we bid adieu to the colder months, the promise of spring and summer ushers in fresh perspectives. Our homes begin to crave a refresh that feels warmer, livelier, and more visually interesting with richer textures, diverse colours and new accessories.

Chattels & More is pleased to announce our new summer spring collection, which pays homage to the beauty of textures and their ability to transform any space into a warm, inviting room. From the plush embrace of velvet to the tactile charm of Bouclé fabric, each piece is designed to engage the senses and enhance your home. 

The Role of Texture 

Texture plays an important role in adding depth, interest, and personality to a space. It enriches rooms by adding a variety of sensations, from the smooth, cool touch of marble to the soft warmth of fabric. The right blend of textures can transform a room from drab and uninspiring to dynamic and inviting. Chattels & More’s new collection embraces this principle, selecting materials that are both beautiful and delightful to touch, emphasizing the importance of sensory experiences in creating a welcoming home.  

A Closer Look 

The collection introduces several key pieces that exemplify our texture-centric approach. The Okinawa dining table, for instance, features the natural beauty of thick natural granite top, bringing an organic touch to meal times. The Gianni Cord corner sofa, with its plush fabric, invites relaxation and comfort, making it the perfect centerpiece for living rooms. Equally compelling is the Grande Possibilita table, which combines the elegance of oval-shape and dark ceramics to create a striking focal point in any space.

In addition to these highlights, the collection includes an exquisite dinnerware collection featuring Laguna, Savannah & Mustique series. Each piece has been carefully curated to offer versatility and style, allowing you to mix and match to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Blending textures 

The art of blending textures in interior design lies in balance and contrast. To integrate the Summer Spring Collection into your home, start by identifying the mood or atmosphere you want to create in each room. Consider foundational pieces like sofas and tables as your texture anchors. The Bellissima sofa's plush fabric can set a tone of luxury and comfort in your living room. From there, build layers of texture with contrasting materials. A smooth, marble Grace coffee table can offer a cool counterpoint to the softness of the sofa, adding visual interest and tactile diversity.

Next, consider the role of accessories. Textured throw blankets and cushions from the collection add layers of warmth and coziness, inviting interaction and relaxation. These elements enhance the sensory experience of the space, making it more inviting and personal. For a more cohesive look, incorporate natural elements that resonate with the collection's theme. The use of natural granite, as seen in the Okinawa dining table, brings an element of the outdoors inside, promoting a sense of tranquility and grounding. Similarly, incorporating plants or natural fiber rugs can enhance the connection with nature, making the space feel more harmonious and balanced. 

Transform your space

Chattels & More's Summer Spring Collection is a curated exploration of how textures can transform a space. It's an invitation to refresh your home with pieces that offer both beauty and comfort, grounded in the principles of modern interior design. The way we curate our homes speaks volumes about our personal style and what comfort means to us. Chattels & More's Summer Spring Collection offers the perfect palette to express these values, promising a season of renewal, beauty, and tactile delight.

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