Feng Shui Your Living Room With Feng Shui And Mindset Coach Grace

January 11, 2024
Feng Shui Your Living Room With Feng Shui And Mindset Coach Grace

Grace helps clients to balance their home and mind energy to consciously lead a life that resonates with them mindfully, through the principles of Feng Shui and NLP.


How did you find your calling for Feng Shui and how has it changed your life?


I studied Interior Design as a hobby and also helped friends to put together a cosy home. I am most excited during the ‘get to know your customer’ interview part. It is fascinating to incorporate their values, tastes, desires into their homes.

As a former Human Resources and Change Manager, I felt my interior design work was limited with decoration. I wanted more than that. I always had the desire to provide empowerment tools to ensure that change lasts. I want my customers to use their homes as a powerful tool to reach their goals, fulfil desires and move forward in life. This is my interpretation of Feng shui. Feng shui is a powerful way to positively impact your motivation to carry through with your decision making, excel in your finances, relationships or health as well as experience deep inner balance and authenticity.

My fascination for neuroscience, subconscious, psychology and coaching has been fed through Feng shui. Feng shui influences our environment thanks to the ability to constantly send messages to the Universe to manifest what we want: Success & Money | Health | Relationship | Wisdom | Well-Being. Living in Singapore, within the heart of Feng Shui and Chinese culture, inspired me to apply these learnings in my home and life. Thanks to my colleague and my own curiosity, I have practised most of the Chinese celebrations and traditions. The one that I enjoyed the most was the Chinese New Year that encourages you to declutter, sync with the New Year animal energy and to blossom according to the year and astrology energy.


Decoding Feng Shui…how relevant is it for interiors in 2022?


Feng shui is as relevant as your mental health and is crucial to thrive.

The main focus is to use your interior as a mindful and mental health healing tool. You deserve to be healthy emotionally and physically. To be successful as a leader, serve your team/ clients or family while having a sense of fulfilment. It is not utopia, it is reality if you remove some limited beliefs.

I understand, first hand, how daunting and overwhelming the role of an employee or entrepreneur is. There is tremendous pressure to deliver performance while affirming individual identity. The same applies for parents or teens. We are all conditioned to perform, be unique and happy.

Remember, your furniture impacts your mood, well-being and productivity. Once you have this awareness, you won’t see your home as a simple house but as a way to thrive.


What are the do's and don’ts when one starts to incorporate Feng Shui at home?


My do's and don'ts for a successful Feng Shui living room:




1. Place your sofa against a wall so that it is “anchored”

2. Seating should not obstruct the e main entrance of the living room

3. Provide a variety of lighting sources, for reading, ambiance, and other activities

4. Use pictures, painting, sculptures to encourage certain associations, strengthen intentions, or prompt emotional responses




1. Have clutter on the pathway into your living room

2. Position a sofa or other large pieces of furniture very near the room’s entrance that it blocks the passage into your living area

3. Have damaged broken and non-functional items in the room


The key points to note beyond these tips are:


1. DO increase your (self) awareness about what surrounds you and tap into the power of knowledge.

2. DON’T confuse the aesthetic of your house which refers to the interior design with the energy within your home.

3. Feng shui is about whether the house is energetically attractive and harmonious. Does it feel unbalanced and hold blockages both in relation to the home and also the mind of the occupants?


One line to amplify the Feng Shui effect in homes.


The power of intentions makes a huge difference in your home. Your thoughts. Your actions. Your intentions are what make Feng shui powerful. Each time you look at one of the solutions implemented, you are reminded of your objective, and your resolve is strengthened. Your willpower is what makes Feng Shui work.

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