The Art of Ramadan Hosting: Tips to Impress Your Guests

21 March, 2023
The Art of Ramadan Hosting: Tips to Impress Your Guests

Ramadan is a special time of the year which comes with a month-long array of memorable gatherings. Whether you’re hosting Iftar or Suhoor, we have creative and practical tips to share that are sure to impress your guests.

Lanterns in light of the holy month


Lighting is one of the best ways to set the atmosphere in a room. Lanterns are a popular choice, with origins dating back to the Egyptian tradition of Fanous Ramadan, where streets and homes were lighted. This symbol has spread to homes across the Muslim diaspora to represent a community feel. Decorate your table or entryway with candle-lit lanterns which are perfect all-month and even year long. Another option is to decorate the dining table during this holy month with candles - shop for long candlesticks for a sophisticated table setting.

Special plates for presenting dates


Breaking your fast with dates is Sunnah, making this a beloved fruit during Ramadan. Impress your guests by offering them a selection of delicious dates once the sun dips below the horizon. There are many creative ways to dress up your dates, from filling them with nuts and coating them in coconut and chocolate, or simply enjoying them as they are. A layered cupcake stand is the perfect way to display these as your loved ones gather around to reach for their favourite choice.

Set the scene with a natural scent


Flowers are often bestowed as gifts during Ramadan. If your guests arrive with a bouquet, you’ll want to have a special vase ready. These are also ideal to place in your home, whether it's on a console or at the table as a floral centerpiece.

Hydrate with the finest


Impress your guests with stunning glassware during this special time of year. Not only is it important to stay well-hydrated during these gatherings, but there are also a variety of drinks, teas, and smoothies that you can serve your guests for when they arrive, as they dine, and before they leave.

Set the table for the festivities


To match the glassware, you can set your table with stylish dinnerware. Dishes featuring designs will elevate the table and highlight the food on the plate. Apart from individual plates, you can also shop artistic bowls and serving dishes.

Update your home with trendy elements


You can also dazzle your guests with trendy items and decorative accessories inside your home. One of the best ways to show your sense of style is by introducing colour blocking palettes with bold colours like Pantone’s colour of the year, Viva Magenta, and metallic details to embellish the space.

That wraps up our tips on how to successfully host noteworthy get togethers this Ramadan. Make Chattels & More your go-to for trendy furniture and home decor to elevate your home. Shop the full C&M collection.

On behalf of Chattels&More, we wish you and your family a blessed Ramadan.